Aerie / @ceejsterr

I have friends that are a size 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 5, 22, 84, 13, 1, 46, and the common denominator between all of them? Very few 'Love' their body. Why is that? Why do we always want to look like 'her' or have 'her' body instead of embracing what we own? Our bodies are just that: OURS. We own them & they're such a beautiful piece to what makes us, us. Why do we feel inferior by our looks? I'm totally a victim of this, wanting to be everything that is Gigi Hadid. (But like, that ones okay because she's perfect. ;)] (kidding.) 

As this new Aerie movement has arisen (#AerieREAL), which focuses on the beauty we each hold by posting un-retouched photos to media, it's really made me think, research, act differently. (I think confidence is a funny thing. How does one person just 'have it' and someone else look across the world but never seem to locate it.) What I have found through all of this, though, is the power of empowering. Supporting & cheering your friends, coworkers, second cousin's mom on instead of feeling envious because "that was my idea." When we support, build up, encourage & replace negative or unhappy feelings with the feeling of love, it really has an affect on us & the way we think/love/empower/support our own self. 

Loving ourselves is so important. Being our own best friend & being able to rely on/be comfortable with only ourselves is so important. If not, if you're always waiting for someone to take care of you, cook for you, compliment you - you are going to crumble. I'm the same as the next person that would gladly switch bodies with Gigi, would never be MY body. It wouldn't have MY birth mark & MY razor scar from the first time I started shaving. I love my body. I love my split ends, I love the shape of my fingers & spots on my teeth, & being apart of this shoot/doing the things I do for a purpose, really helped me realize & remember that. I love working hard to be my best self, whatever that means to me, & I love the power of our minds. 


Change your thoughts and you change your world.

- Norman Vincent Peale