Hollywood / @ceejsterr

I've had/have a lot of people in my life address my modesty & why I dress the way I do. Why do I show 3/4 of my leg & not wear sleeves on my shirt? Why I don't always dress to 'modest' standards & why clothes & choosing the way I dress is really THAT important to me. 

I love myself. I love expressing myself & I have confidence in what I do & my choices in life. I'm passionate about fashion; it's what I went to school for, it's what I work in, it's why I interned at New York Fashion Week. Fashion is art to me. Being able to portray confidence, love myself & portray myself & my passion through dress is so important to me. 

I love the different textures, sleeve shapes, fabrics we have. I get excited by trends going back to previous decades with body suits, crop tops, hoop earrings, bell bottoms, colors & incorporating a modern day twist to it. I love being able to envelope myself in an entire different world/decade/environment/culture through fashion & the way I dress.

Fashion & clothes are beautiful. They are art. Some people express themselves through painting, music, traveling, food, writing, & I love to do it through all of those things, but my number one passion is in the art of fashion. 

I dress the way I do because it symbolizes who I am. It embodies my personality, the place I'm living, memories with family, the books I'm reading & music I'm listening to, the friends I have, food I eat & place of life I'm in. This is all communicated to me by what I choose to wear. Choice is so important because if we could never choose the job we had & movies we watch, we would be miserable living through someone else's idea of life & happiness. Fashion & dress represent the time. My time. Julie Nicole Brown's time. It reminds me that I loved stripes in 2017 - and not just stripes but ribbed red & white stripes, with gathered sleeves that I got during an amazing vacation with people I love. I love that we get to wake up and dress our beautiful body every single day in something new and surprising. It's important to me to have individuality & freedom & fashion is my art & drive in life - living to the fullest & loving every single thing you do. My passions are what drive me & make me shoot for the moon.